Special Offers


FAMILY SPECIAL (offer valid until 29/11)
offer dedicated to families, with Half Board treatment on stays of 7 days discount up to 20% from list price

BOOK NOW (offer valid until 29/11)
Offer with instant booking you get a 15% discount on 7-day stays only (30% non-refundable deposit)

SPECIAL GROUPS (offer valid until 29/11)
dedicated offer from a minimum of 3 apartments booked with half board on stays of 7 days up to 25% discount

send us a request to: info@rtanevesole.com entering the name of the promotion


Every day from 09: 00-12: 00 and from 15: 00-20: 00

Check-in will be from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
ATTENTION: the check in time does not guarantee the immediate delivery of the apartment, the guaranteed delivery will start at 18:00.
Early or late check-in is allowed only on notice to guarantee the delivery of the apartment.
For a quick check, we advise you to come to the reception already provided with identification documents of all occupants.

Check In Fast and On Line on request by email you can directly check in without any waiting time to register by agreeing your arrival time you will be guaranteed to find the apartment ready.

NIGHT CHECK IN: by contacting the property no later than 8:00 pm by providing a mobile phone number, a W.up or sms will be sent with all the necessary information to collect the apartment keys.

Check-out scheduled before 10.00 am In case of delay the Management reserves the right to charge a supplement of €. 50.00.

Night Check-outs are only permitted if previously agreed upon, and only upon issuing a credit card number under warranty.

Each apartment has its own covered parking space. The allocation of your parking space will be assigned at the time of check-in. Parking in unauthorized places may result in the removal of the vehicle, thus meaning a charge for the offender. Mandatory at check-in Credit Card Warranty and / or €. 150.00 per security deposit.

For tour operators and / or agencies, reservations must be paid within 7 days before the date of arrival, and upon confirmation of the booking, a 30% deposit will be paid (within 15 days from the date of confirmation by the Residence.)
For direct bookings, the balance of the stay will be required at check-in (the customer can view the apartment before payment).
Reservations can be cancelled without penalty within and no later than 15 days before the date of arrival, after 15 days, penalty of 100% in low season periods. For high season periods (from the time of booking confirmation) within 30 days before without any penalty, and during the following 25 days, with a penalty of 30% of the balance of the stay.

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