NeveSole Folgarida Resort is located in Folgarida, in the comune of Dimaro, just 13 km from Madonna di Campiglio, one of the most popular summer and winter resorts in Trentino.

Guests can enjoy a unique and immersive experience in an untouched natural environment, including the protected areas of the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Covered in hiking and mountaineering trails, the Val di Sole is home to a wide variety of landscapes: the wide and sunny valley floor, the woods of Scots pines and spruce trees, and the rugged peaks of the Ortler Alps, the Adamello-Presanella Alps and the Brenta Group, reaching up to 3700 metres.

The Val di Sole is also the largest and most renowned ski area in western Trentino, with more than 150 km of slopes and 58 ski lifts in the heart of the Brenta Group.

This area is ideal for families, young people and mountain enthusiasts who want to enjoy and discover authentic mountain food and wine: a place where thousands of years of history and culture meet exciting adrenaline-fuelled activities.

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